How To Create or Manage Gmail Spam and Label Filters


how-to-create-or-manage-gmail-spam-and-label-filtersSpam filters are some of the most important features when it comes to an Email service. Unfortunately, even though Gmail has one of the most powerful and accurate spam filters in existence, very few people take the time to learn how to create or manager their Gmail spam and label filters. Filters are very easy to work with once you have gotten the hang of them, and this video tutorial will hopefully shed some light on issues people may be having with their Gmail spam.

Filters aren’t only useful when it comes to managing spam. Gmail filters are also a great way to automatically organize and categorize your incoming Email with labels right when they hit your inbox. With all of the communications we receive from social networks, friends and family, this automatic organization becomes essential to many people who work with their Gmail email on a daily basis.

It all starts with a simple Gmail search. The search capabilities of Gmail far outweight those of standard email clients such as Microsoft Outlook. The great thing about the searches is once you have conducted one, you can actually generate a filter based upon your results. This means that you can check the accuracy of your filter before you even create it.

There are also ways to go into the settings of your Gmail account and modify a filter you have already created. Quite often there is a learning curve when it comes to getting good at managing Gmail spam and label filters, the only way to really get good at it is to start working with them. Labels are a fantastic way of getting yourself set up for success with your Gmail email account and is yet another reason why Gmail separates itself from many of the email alternatives out there.

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