Use Glary Utilities Free To Defragment Your Windows 7 Registry | Faster 7 Part 32


use-glary-utilities-free-to-defragment-your-windows-7-faster-7-part-32The registry hive may sound intimidating to many people, but the Windows 7 registry has become much safer for third party companies to optimize and defragment.

Defragmentation is simply the method of taking “pieces” of files scattered at different places of the hard drive and putting them together.

A hard drive is considered “fragmented” if there are pieces of files scattered all over the place, and Windows needs to take extra time to locate all of those pieces to read or write them to system memory.

Use Glary Utilities Free To Defragment Your Windows 7 Registry

1. Download and install Glary Utilities from the following location: http://pcmichiana.com/download-glary-utilities-free-registry-and-system-maintenance-suite/

2. Select the Windows ‘Start’ button.

3. Type ‘glary utilities’ into the search box.

4. Open the ‘Glary Utilities’ application.

5. When open, select the top ‘Modules’ tab.

6. Select the ‘Optimize & Improve’ tab on the left hand side.

7. Choose ‘Registry Defrag’.

8. Close as many applications running in the background as you can.

9. Select ‘Next’.

10. Select ‘Ok’.

11. Once it has scanned your registry, let Glary Utilities restart your computer.

12. Your registry will defragment when your computer boots up.

13. That’s it!

It may take a few minutes for Glary Utilities to completely scan over your computers registry prior to rebooting.  After reboot you may be greeted with an uncomfortable screen that is scanning over and optimizing your registry.  It is completely normal, simply ignore it and move on.


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